Expressive Arts Therapy and Services

 Frozen Rainbows was founded in 1997. For many years we provided Human Resource services to Colorado businesses and nonprofits. Now we provide help to the more personal aspects of “human” – the mind, body and spirit.


.           “Maximizing self or corporate potential through creativity”

In 2012 Tandy Rackerby the principal owner of Frozen Rainbows embarked on a life-transformative journey.  After 30 years working as a Human Resources senior leader she has embarked on a new journey, and is in the process of earning her Masters of Science degree with a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy. After her expected December 2015 graduation, she plans on practicing both in Colorado and internationally.  


I believe “If your heart is pure and you follow your passion, opportunity will present itself.”


This website is frequently updated so please check back often to see announcements and project developments.  In the meantime, enjoy the photographs and drawings on the portfolio and potpourri pages, or enter the blog and leave a comment.

  We will talk later about Group Therapy opportunities

And enter into the world of Silent Contemplation

Human Resources offerings can still be found at Please contact us there if you are interested in these services.